E-Scout FI-3A

Smart-Detect Fault Circuit Indicator

E-Scout F1-3A productThe E-Scout FI-3A is a fault indicator used on overhead systems. Fault indicators are becoming more of a standard in advanced electric distribution networks because they help reduce outage time, improve system reliability, and reduce maintenance man-hours.

Principles of Operation

1. A fault triggers a group of indicators to start flashing along the feeder line.

2. The lineman simply follows the path of flashing fault indicators all the way to the first un-flashed fault indicator, thereby identifying the fault location.

The E-Scout FI-3A features robust design, customer-specified reset time, and 360-degree visibility. The E-Scout FI-3A is easily installed with a hot-stick and is IEEE-495 compliant and ISO-9001 certified.


ESCOUT F1-3A product ESCOUT F1-3A product


Robust design
Automatic Inrush Restraint
Customer-Specified Reset Time
Easy Installation with Hot-stick
360-degree Visibility
High-Intensity LED Indication (Easy Visibility in Bright Sunlight)
Self-Diagnostic Battery Circuit
IEEE-495 Compliant and ISO-9001 Certified
5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty